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The branch was formed by an offshoot of the Doncaster branch. The first Annual Dinner was held at the Victoria Hotel, Leeds on the Friday 6th December. 1946.

The cost of the dinner was 7 shilling and 6 pence. Mr Steve Simpson, one of our founder members (deceased, 2008) still had the menu for the dinner.

Because of the number of members who came from different parts of Yorkshire, it was decided to form other branches of the Association. Three new branches were formed, Huddersfield No 32, in 1946, Bradford No 24 in 1948 and York No 28 in 1955.

The first President was Major A YatesThe Vice President was Lt W W SymonsHon Secretary - Mr Jim CliffChairman - Mr G Ward

Since 2014 the Bradford Branch has closed and has merged with the Leeds Branch

We Meet Fourth Tuesday of each month at 8.00pm in the New Headingley Club, St Michaels Road, Headingley, Leeds, L56 3BG.

Branch Values

1. To maintain the spirit of 'Once a Coldstreamer, always a Coldstreamer'

2. To bring to the notice of Regimental Headquarters any case of a member deserving of assistance from Regimental Funds.

3. To assist members who are leaving or have left the Regiment.

4. To assist when possible in obtaining recruits for the Regiment.

5. To organise:

A) Monthly meetings, except December.
B) Annual Dinner, October.
C) Lunches, April, St Georges Day and December, Christmas Lunch.
D) Social events and visits.
E) To attend as many as possible of the Association events.
Leeds Branch President
Lieutenant Colonel N J Burrows
Coldstream Guards Association
Leeds Branch
Telephone: 0113 248 3387
Email:  jhardwick24@aol.com